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Know the weather where it matters most: in your own backyard!


Every weather buff needs data

Whether you are a professional meteorologist or a weekend weather buff, you love weather data! With an accurate and reliable weather station mounted in your own backyard, you’ll have all the data you need to analyze, predict, archive, and share -- and it will be real-time and very local.

Easy to set up

Within minutes of opening the box, your weather station can be up and reporting comprehensive data to your living room.

Share your data

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wants your data. Become part of the Citizen Weather Observer program and help NOAA improve weather prediction models. Upload your data via WeatherLinkIP so family, friends, and neighbors can see your current weather.

Be prepared for severe weather

Whether your home is more like to see a hurricane, deep snow drifts, long droughts, steamy humidity, weeklong rain storms, thunderstorms, or possible flooding, being prepared is the key to minimizing weather damage to your home and keep your family and pets safe. You’ll be able to look at past data and analyze current data to be sure you’ve done all you can to protect your home.

Water wisely

Add a Soil Moisture station to your Vantage Pro2 and know when and how much to irrigate to keep your flowers blooming, your lawn green, and your tomatoes prize-winning!

Get bragging rights

Social interactions among weather buffs always include discussion of highs and lows. You’ll always know how this rain storm compares to the past; how today’s wind speed exceeded that reported by the local radio report.

Know the weather at your second home

Is is cold enough in your mountain cabin to freeze the pipes? How hot is it at the beach house? Set up a Vantage Vue in your second home and connect it to the web via WeatherLinkIP and you’ll never have to wonder.