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Community-Based Station

A Vantage Pro2 installed at the fire station or downtown, along with WeatherLinkIP, provides local weather to community-based emergency response teams via the internet. Community members can see current weather just by clicking through on the map, making it a valuable asset year-round, even in fair weather.

Your community’s emergency response team will have data they can rely on. Rugged, solar-powered sensor suite reports real-time rain, wind, temperature, and humidity data and mounts easily on a roof or in an open area. The outdoor sensors are housed in a weather-resistant shelter and are designed to take the worst Mother Nature can provide. Wind-tunnel-tested to 200 mph (320 kph), the anemometer will stand up to hurricane-force winds. Temperature accuracy is assured by the most effective radiation shield available. The barometer is housed in the console, which wirelessly receives the outdoor sensor suite data from up to 1000 feet (300 meters) away.


With WeatherLinkIP, your data is transmitted directly and automatically to the web for viewing throughout the community. Data is updated as often as every 2.5 seconds to provide real-time accuracy.


Install your anemometer up to 40 feet away from your rain and temperature sensors using the included cable. You’ll be able get unsheltered wind data by mounting the anemometer above trees, while keeping temperature and rain sensors at appropriate elevations.


Upgrade your station to include a UV radiation sensor so you can keep local sports organizations, schools and senior centers apprised of the UV radiation danger.

The day after the Weather Forecast Office in Tucson installed the first [Vantage Pro2] station, heavy rainfall developed and caused a flash flood and debris flow. The rainfall observations helped forecasters make a timely flash flood warning.

- Josh Brost, Tucson