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Case Study: Use the Weather to Engage Your Fan Base

An affordable Vantage Vue weather posting your venue’s real-time weather data to the web will allow fans extra insight into the games and incentivize visits to your site. Fans attending the game will be able to make travel and dress plans. Even when watching a televised game, fans will enjoy an extra connection to the team’s performance by understanding the weather conditions they are faced with. Living-room and professional game announcers alike will have another talking point for game analysis to enhance the fan’s experience.


With updates as often as every 2.5 seconds, fans will have real-time weather conditions leading up to and during the game.


Provide a weather link on your website to keep fans coming back.


Give your fans more to talk about. Is our team better prepared to play in the snow? Did a wind gust affect our team’s score in last week’s match? Did the pit crew incorrectly tune an engine for the weather conditions?


Fans can check the latest weather conditions on the field at the last minute, even from the parking lot on their smart phone, and decide whether to leave the jacket in the car, or pack extra sunscreen.

While working as a photojournalist at the FIA World Endurance Championship race at the '6 Hours of Fuji,' I looked up to see one of Toyota's weather stations used to monitor the ever-changing conditions at the track (in this case just above the start-finish straight). Having accurate weather data is critical for teams in making decisions such as what tires (type and compound) to prepare at the next pit stop, what the next driver has to look forward to, and so on. Great to see the reliance on Davis products for this!

- Canadian photojournalist Brian Friedrich