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Case Study: Mount a Weather Station on Your Chase Vehicle

The Vantage Vue weather station is small enough to carry along in your storm chaser vehicle. It can even be mounted on top of the vehicle. Its compact size and simple setup allow you to go as close as safety permits to get real-time weather data. Your station can go wherever you go, providing real-time, highly localized data. With your console inside the cab of your vehicle, you’ll see wind speed and direction updates as often as every 2.5 seconds, as well as real-time barometer, temperature and rain.


Mount the outdoor sensors to your storm chase vehicle. Mount the console in the cab. This allows you to see just what’s going on outside from the safety of your vehicle. After the storm, it’s easy to remove the station and set it up in your back yard.


Davis weather stations are used by professional weather chasers. They get the accuracy they require without sacrificing the tough reliability that storm chasing requires.


The outdoor sensor suites are solar powered with battery backup; the console will run on three C-cells batteries only for up to nine months.

The Davis instrumentation gives us more data at our fingertips. We can share information, and talk intelligently about what we see with our eyes and what the instrumentation is picking up. We can look at historical data whenever we want. We can provide instant feedback and analysis, and share it with our followers and viewers.

- Meterologist Mike Bettes of The Weather Channel Tornado Hunt